AIOP Rotator Club Team Build

Hi there and thank you for your interest in the All In One Profits Rotator Club & All In One Profits!
My name is Paul van Leeuwen and I’m a happy member of AIOP Rotator Club.
I’m not a “GURU”. In fact, there are no guru’s here. We are a group of real people, with a single goal to bring this great opportunity to the masses. We want to help ourselves by helping others.
Most of us have joined AIOP or other Network opportunities
under some “gurus” system that promises the world but
is generally lacking in helping the average person succeed.
Normally they have some expensive marketing system that
THEY make money from for you to join but after weeks or
months of paying and promoting a generic affiliate page,
the new person has lost money and received a few results.

We reject that model.

What can you expect from The Rotator Club,

We will promote for you from day one.

We will share our free system with you, (only available to paid members who join our team) I guarantee you have never seen anything like it. Of course, the exact formula and instructions remain confidential, but Does it work? Absolutely!

We offer support in our private Facebook and Skype groups.

Our system practically takes over the telling and selling part of network marketing. If you are willing to work at all, you will succeed with The Rotator Club AIOP Team Build.

There is NO CHARGE to be a member of our Team!
Your only expense is the $10 monthly AIOP subscription and
the $1.50 processor fee.

Already in AIOP but going nowhere?  Get back to me and
I’ll be happy to send you the info on what others have
done in your situation.

If you are tired of “going it alone” and understand
that you help yourself by helping others, then join one of my teammates here…

P.S. Go Pro if you want to earn more and be able to create and share campaigns with your team.
Then send an email to your direct upline with subject line…
“I Joined your AIOP Rotator Club Team”
(Find your upline in your back-office by clicking on referrals then show downline)
Include in the body,  your name, your AIOP user name, and ask for team instructions.

Make sure you upgrade to the basic or pro level.

Welcome aboard…

If you have more questions, email us and we will gladly
answer them.

We are having fun and we are having success!
We hope you will join with us and experience the same!

To Your Success!

★Paul van Leeuwen,
Proud AIOP Rotator Club Team Member

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