All In One Profits (AIOP)

How To Be Successful While Working Online?

One of the most powerfull “tools” to build your personal #brand, to build your #business… is sharing your own TRUE #STORY. If you have your website, blog, fan page etc. – share your real story (not fake) with people who can get to know you much better thanks that and believe you. People “don’t buy products”, “don’t join business” – they “buy you”, “join you”… so if you will clearly show yourself (who you are and why you are in a current point of your life… and what you plan do with it…), so people will start “buying from you”, “joining your business”…

The easiest wat to start sharing your own TRUE #STORY. is building a network of like minded people, the tools you will need to achieve that, you can all find in one affordable online marketing platform, I will tell you all about it below…

All In One Profits (AIOP)

AIOP is a simple, affordable, and lucrative program that helps you achieve success in many ways. They have the most generous compensation plan (100% commission) in the industry…bar none! You can really make a SOLID monthly residual income with AIOP affiliate program while building your online business.

Company: Young ambitious company. And most importantly they have built a great reputation of One-Stop-Solution where you can get everything you need to grow your online business at a great price. Their innovative “Even-Up” compensation plan literally taken the internet industry by storm.

Cost: Basic membership – $12.50 per month (including $1.50 payment processor fee) , Pro membership – $24.50 per month (including $4.50 processor fee). and VIP membership – $59.- per month. You have to keep your membership active in order to earn recurring income from the AIOP 2.0 affiliate program.

Potential Earnings: AIOP pays 100% residual commission for each active members on your POWERLINE. It means you get commissions for all uneven referrals sponsored by you + all even referrals sponsored by your downline passed up to you.  VIP members aern $40 on fixed and $20 on pas-up referrals. This new VIP compensation plan  is truly a game changer!

Product Details:
All In One Profits® is a whole internet business platform, created for beginners and advanced marketers as well, founded in 2012 by Johan Van Geffen and Isabela Capsuna. It is an International Trade Mark Registered Company that provides web hosting and autoresponder service, along with all the essential web tools, educational materials and training to run any online business. This is a real business that gives you so much for so little!

The MAGIC BEGINS when you start receiving referrals from your downline
1. You keep all the Uneven (odd) referrals sponsored by you. They are your fixed referrals.
2. Each fixed referral will start a NEW line for you. Just imagine, an infinite number of downlines working for you!
3. Your fixed referrals will pass you ALL their even referrals. Number 2,4,6,8,…to infinity!
4. Every referral passed to you will also pass ALL their even referrals to you, number 2,4,6,8…to infinity.
5. Starting with your fixed referrals and growing with all the passed up referrals, they will build your downline.
6. UNLIMITED Potential. You will have a downline for every fixed referral as well as for every passed up referral.
7. AIOP 2.0 VIP members will earn on each referral, $40 on fixed and $20 on their passed up referrals, each and every month!

To make it easy for you to succeed while working online, to build your own networkers email list with contacts and prospects, we have created a complete ready-made marketing funnel with lead capture pages and pre written email letter done for you, so you can start sharing your own TRUE #STORY from today!

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