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Nobody else is doing it like this and it’s such a powerful, powerful and lucrative way of getting money. We like to call in an even up system and it’s called that because all of your second, like the second person you bring into the business, the fourth and the sixth etc, all the even-numbered are passed up to your sponsor and you keep All the odd-numbered, your first, your third, your fifth etcetera.

So if you bring in six it’ll leave you with three, as the other three have been passed up to your sponsor in this keep past, keep pass. Sequence keeps going on to infinity. The only difference is the more people you bring in the more money you make, so it’s completely up to you and how much money you’re willing to make in the system.

How much time are you willing to put into it and you might be thinking you know, why am i possibly or why would I want to give up all that money? Why would I want to pass up all those people that I brought in? You know it’s, my work and my effort? Well, you couldn’t, be more wrong and it’s for a very simple fact that everybody passed up to you or that you keep has to pass up all their even referrals to you.

Okay, it is that’s. The power of the system, as everybody passed up to you or that you keep are all passing up all their even-numbered referrals to you and we & # 39. Ve, broken it down to a simple method of making big money with all one profits.

And we like to call it a get six and teach method, and it looks like this. Okay, you get your six okay and then the red circles are your pass ups, which leaves you with three fixed referrals, and then you teach those three referrals to do.

The exact same thing you did so they will be, they will be bringing in six people each. They each keep three and they pass up three. So that then gives you if they do, that. That then, gives you nine new people in your downline, okay, and then those nine new people will each bring in six keep three pass up: three which you get, which gives you 27 new people added to your downline, okay, and it just keeps cascading down like that.

Just getting bigger and bigger to infinity, it does not stop and we demonstrate this get six and teach method with this chart and it’s based off that method, as you can see by level one, you know you’ve gotten six.

So you keep three, you pass up the other three, so you keep three your total downline or three people and it’s $ 45 a month on that level, because for each person you bring into this business, you’ll, be getting $ 15 a month: okay, so that’s, how you get the 45 and then on the second level, those three in your downline each bring in six, so they pass up three each to you, which is three times.

Three. Is nine total in your downline times 15 gives you one hundred and thirty-five dollars, plus the forty five you already had, which now makes you have $ 180 a month and then it just keeps going down like that is then the nine people pass up three to You each, which gives you 27 times 15, is four hundred and five plus the 180.

You already had five hundred eighty-five dollars a month and it keeps going down until into infinity. This is, you know, we put it till six levels because we had to define it somehow just to get the point across, but in reality it was all the way down to infinity.

So this 16,000 a month six now is at sixteen thousand dollars. You can be making a month could really only be the beginning, because that’s, six, that sixth level it doesn’t stop there. It keeps going and then, on top of that for every personal, a spot for every person you personally bring in to all one profits.

You will get three dollars extra fast start bonus. So with all that being said that chart and everything is only based off – it gets six and six and teach method, but what if you brought in twenty or thirty or more people, just increasing the amount of income streams you have you know the possibilities are endless.

The amount of money you can make is endless. It’s all in how much time you want to put into it. I don’t know how many hours in your current job you would have to put in to get sixteen thousand dollars a month.

I’m, assuming it’s a whole lot more than it would take to go out and tell sex six of your friends. You know that are possibly struggling financially or not. That want to join a home-based business. That’s, just my observation and I know you’ve, been waiting for this.

How much money do you think it would cost for the possibility of sixteen thousand dollars a month? It’s outrageous, I know, but it will only cost you twenty one dollars and seventy five cents a month for you to make this kind of income – and I know it might seem possible, but I mean the chart: it’s straight Math it doesn’t lie and it works.

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