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All In One Profits Products Review

AIOP Products Review: I’m going to go over the AIOP Products that All In One Profits 2.0, better known as AIOP 2.0 has to offer you. This is a great company. It’s been in business since 2012, and it’s a complete marketing platform with a price that can’t be beaten. So we’re just going to touch on the basic level products first, and then we’ll get down into the Pro-level products with your Basic level membership.

AIOP Web Hosting: You get premium web hosting. So you get 500 megabytes of disk space, five gigabytes of disk bandwidth, flexible, easy to use control panel, unlimited emails, host unlimited domains, fantastico scripts unlimited my SQL databases. 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can use your own domain. We host unlimited domains for you, or you can choose an AIOP subdomain. There’s how to video guides for setting up your hosting accounts. There’s the fantastic old C panel built with built-in site builders to choose from. All right, so you can choose from WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, Drupal, hosting, Magento hosting, Wiki hosting, and there are over 75 open sources scripts that you can access with just a click and you can build and promote any business.

AIOP AutoResponder: You get a professional double opt-in autoresponder. How much did you pay for a separate autoresponder service? Now I paid lots of money for autoresponder services in the past. Um, some cost more than $50 a month. Here. It is free with your AIOP membership, skyrocket your business with professional autoresponder services. All right, so it’s, user-friendly, it’s double opt-in. You can have unlimited campaigns, autoresponders follow up series on unlimited subscribers. How to videos. There’s an easy subscribe link. It’s a strict privacy compliant. Anti-spam fully compliant. It’s hosted by AIOP. You have an active campaign manager. There’s one clip broadcast edit test 99 point 99% email deliverability. You can split tasks and remove there’s tracking on deliverables removals. You can edit variables and HTML forms, download and export lists, save signup forms. It’s fully editable and customizable. There are text and HTML editors and cool templates for your newsletters. When you see the price of this, you’re going to flip out.

AIOP Splash Page Builder: There is an AIOP splash and squeeze page builder, so you can make and save on limited splash and capture pages, video page templates available, awesome graphics, professional, excellent templates at images, text videos, HTML forms, fully customizable third-party autoresponder integration. So if you don’t like or need the Autoresponder, which AIOP has, you can use Get Response, A Webber, MailChimp, whatever you like.

AIOP Link Tracker: There’s an AIOP tracker. It’s an advanced link tracker. You can shorten your links, traffic stats, you get traffic, traffic sources, quick share social sites direct versus referral traffic, and click through rate referral traffics. You get a downline builder, so you can build your list in multiple programs. You can add your own programs, you get texts and banner advertising. So with the basic membership, you get one text and one banner, you get three each for a Pro level, which we’ll talk about in a few minutes here, and you can promote any program you want. There’s also an AIOP rotator. So you can promote multiple URLs with a single link, no frame breaker, no pop-up windows no bar.

AIOP Resources: AIOP 2.0 also has its own e-library. So it’s your one-stop online marketing resource there’s information on blogging, emailing, article, writing, social sites, tips, and software, a complete set of software for any online marketing campaigns. There’s 40. How to video packs, competition, killer graphics, and template plus squeeze page software generators. The cool thing about this. These all come with master resell and resell rights. Okay. So you can use these products, resell them and make a profit. All right.

AIOP Pricing: So you get everything that I just mentioned for a $10 a month, plus a dollar 50 processing fee. So for $11 and 50 cents a month, you get everything that I just read you, right? It’s pretty amazing. Now I’m going to tell you about the Pro level products. All right. So you get all the basic level products and services that I mentioned above. Plus you get a drag and drop landing page and website builder. There’s a photo slide maker, a video squeeze creator, a web video testimonials creator, a platinum audio video. So it’s royalty free music and images for your marketing. We have an ad co-op you have no time to advertise. We will add your AIOP link to the AIOP ad co-op rotator. We use quality paid advertising resources. Only you get three text blocks with unlimited credits, three rotating banners with unlimited credits. You get 20 track links to link rotators and premium special PLR products packages every single month. And you can use it or sell it and make money. The monthly cost for Pro level is $20. Plus a dollar 76 processing fee with the basic package. If you go and promote this, you’ll earn $10 a month on Basic signups. If you’re a Pro and you get someone to sign up, you’ll earn a $3 fast start sponsor bonus, and you’ll earn $15 on each Pro referral and $10 on each basic member in your downline. Since 2021 they launched the VIP level, the monthly cost is $59 you’ll earn now $ 40 on direct and $ 20 on your pass-up referrals, this is the membership level I personally use for my business, please check out AIOP2.0 VIP Team All right. So that’s about it.

AIOP Products Final: These are most of the All In One Profits Products that they offer. There’s a link below. If you want to come and check this page out yourself, uh, it’s really amazing. You get tons of tools, basically everything you need to run a successful online business. It can even be used as a, in a box, okay, I’ve done other videos on their compensation plan and it’s proprietary. It’s really unique. And you can make a lot of money with this system and you can use it to build any other business as well. We use, I personally use this for building my teams in multiple programs. We use AIOP to create our capture pages and we use it for our autoresponder service. So, uh, I haven’t had any issues with the company. As I said, it’s been around since 2012 and they just, they’re very legit. The support is very quick to answer and I couldn’t be happier with this. So if you’re interested in learning more about the All In One Profits Products and benefits, click on the banner below, ask me any AIOP related questions in the comment section. I always make sure to get back to everybody.

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