Coinpressions Capture Page Letter Series

 You can adapt these to your own autoresponder


– Where possible we will be loading this series to major
Autoresponders and then sharing that code where possible


– Feel free to edit and personalize as you see fit


– We are not capturing the name or first name as studies have shown
that signup rates are higher when only email is requested.


– If/when someone on your capture page prospect list joins
Coinpressions you want to manually delete them from this letter


– A Free Member Drip Series is (or will soon be) in place to
drip messages and information to your Coinpressions free members
to help you convert them to paid members.


– Most autoresponders allow you to “Recycle” messages, i.e. send
them out all over again. Not a bad idea.


– Remember, that sometimes prospects don’t take action, not because
they are not interested but because the timing is just not right
for them.


– “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”



CP Capture Page A/R Letter Series Outline
These A/R letter topics are not necessarily the subject line, rather
a description of what we’ll cover in that letter.


Just a bit of an overview so you can see, at a glance, what the letter
series covers.


1) Welcome – Main Features (Yep will keep it short)
— List Building
— Income
— Advertising
— Bitcoin
— Helping Hand (BEP


2) Do You Need Leads for your BTC Opportunity?
— Ready Made Capture Pages


3) Build Once Earn “Forever”
— The power of residual income


4) Top Notch Targeted Bitcoin Advertising AND . . .


5) Nearly No Cost Advertising for your BTC Opportunity
— Break Even Point creates free advertising


6) A Helping Hand to Earn Residual Bitcoin Income
— Introducing/Explaining the BEP


7) Ready to Go Capture Pages – Plugin and Build Your List


8) Matching Bonus Rewards Leaders MASSIVELY


9) Tired of Working Alone?
— Active FB Group


10) Earn While You Build YOUR List
— Matrix discussion


11) Turn Your List Into Income by Helping Them Succeed


12) The Power (and Income) of Break Even






1) Welcome – Main Features (Yep will keep it short)
— List Building
— Income
— Advertising
— Bitcoin
— Helping Hand (BEP)



SUBJECT: Residual Bitcoin Income – Coinpressions!

Hi [[firstname]]!


This is [[uname]] and I want to thank you for your interest
in Coinpressions and building a Residual Bitcoin Income with a
Helping Hand.


Coinpressions is a Bitcoin Advertising/Income Community like you
have never seen before:


– Generate a Residual Bitcoin Income – Build Once and Keep Earning
Month after Month After Month (Potentially $10,000’s a Month – Really!)


– Receive Top Quality Bitcoin Targeted Advertising Credits that will
help you gain exposure for your other Bitcoin Opportunities


– Get a Helping Hand with our Breakeven Pool (“BEP”) Rebate System


– Plug into our Innovative Capture Page and Follow Up System to Convert Your Leads AND Build YOUR List that YOU Control (This is Really Cool!)


Click the link below to Join Coinpressions Free NOW. You’ll be glad
you did:


your link!


Thanks and please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions. Our
Community is here to help you succeed and have fun doing so.


P.S. Once you join Coinpressions you’ll be able to join our Secret
Facebook Group where the owner, Frank Hester, and his admin team provide frequent updates and the member community shares ideas and insights.



SUBJECT LINE: Leads for Your Bitcoin Opportunity!



This is [[uname]] again.


Quick Question:


Do you need leads for your Bitcoin Opportunities?


We all know that the BEST way to build a business is to have
Your Own List of Qualified Prospects, right?


Well, at Coinpressions, not only will you get highly targeted
advertising credits every month, but, you’ll also be able to
Plug into the Simple Capture Page system that is available
for Pro Members.


Why is that important?


Because THIS Capture Page system is not only Already Set Up
for you but, and this is really cool, the system will allow you
to capture the leads to YOUR own Autoresponder.


Yep, you will have complete control of your leads and your
communication with them.


And, of course, the system will follow up on your leads to show
them why they want to upgrade at Coinpressions!


How cool (and valuable) is that?


Register for no cost at Coinpressions now and have a look around.


your link!


We are a friendly, productive community and would be delighted
to welcome you.


And, of course, feel free to contact me with any questions.






3) Build Once Earn “Forever”
— The power of residual income


SUBJECT LINE: Build Once Earn ‘Forever’



Do you get tired of building program after program over
and over again?


Chasing down the same people, prospecting new members,
explaining over and over?


Why not Build Once and Earn Over and Over Again?


That’s what you can do here at Coinpressions!


When you purchase advertising at Coinpressions you are
entered into a lucrative 3×10 compensation matrix.


And, because you are purchasing advertising on a monthly
basis your potential earnings are MONTHLY, too!


Because of the “Top Loaded” Compensation plan it only
takes three referrals to break even and essentially
get “Free” advertising AND you are building RESIDUAL


Remember – All marketers need advertising, it’s a high
demand product!


So, stop chasing people again and again.


Register for no cost at Coinpressions now and get positioned
to begin building that all-important residual income:


your link!


Work with your team to Build Once and EARN Over and Over.


Makes sense, doesn’t it?


Thanks again and, hey, feel free to reach out and ask
any questions or just say hello!



4) Top Notch Targeted Bitcoin Advertising AND . . .


SUBJECT LINE: Top Notch Targeted Bitcoin Advertising AND . . .



Do you need targeted adverting for your Bitcoin Opportunity?


Would you like THOUSANDS of ready buyers with Bitcoin Wallets
viewing information about your opportunity?


OF COURSE you would, and, yep, have it for you.


Coinpressions is a New Advertising Income Community filled
with Active Network Marketers.


How good is this advertising?


Well, check this out:


Most banner and text ads get a 1/4% CTR (Click Through Rate).


Coinpressions recently reported a nearly 3/4% CTR.


That’s nearly 300% BETTER than the average!


How cool is THAT?


Plus……. these are NOT “Incentivized” clicks, either.


Coinpressions members clicking on members ads do it because
they are INTERESTED in the content, they want to learn MORE
about the opportunity being advertised.


And, since Coinpressions only pays commissions via Bitcoin,
that means that the member clicking ads (1) Have a basic understanding about Bitcoin and (2) Probably have a Bitcoin Wallet.


How’s THAT for a Targeted, Active Audience?


Join Coinpressions NOW and get started. As a Pro Member you will
get THOUSANDS of banner and text ad impressions every single month.


And, of course, you’ll be placed in the lucrative 3×10 Compensation
Matrix where you can earn Thousands of Dollars of Residual Income
with the help of your team and BEP (Break Even Pool).


Come join us and start getting that targeted advertising exposure
that you deserve!


Thanks and we look forward to welcoming you today.






5) Nearly No Cost Advertising for your BTC Opportunity
— Break Even Point creates free advertising


SUBJECT LINE: Monthly Advertising Credits at No Cost?



This is [[uname]] again and I want to help you build
YOUR Bitcoin Income Program.


Regardless of what you are promoting, you need advertising,


Well, here at Coinpressions you will get more advertising
credits to a targeted bitcoin opportunity seekers audience
month after month after month.


And, check this out… it is VERY simple to have those ad
credits be NO COST (Yes, FREE).


The 3×10 matrix compensation plan at Coinpressions is
TOP LOADED meaning that all you need are three sales on your
first level (Direct or Spillover) and your monthly purchase
is covered!


PLUS…… until you do have three sales you’ll get a Helping
Hand from the Breakeven Pool (“BEP”).


Your business needs advertising and your bitcoin wallet needs
more bitcoin, right?


Join Coinpressions NOW (no cost to join) and get started building


your link!


You’ll be glad you did.







6) A Helping Hand to Earn Residual Bitcoin Income
— Introducing/Explaining the BEP



This is [[uname]] again and I just wanted to remind you
that Coinpressions is providing you with a Helping Hand to


This is really cool, very simple and could help you and your
team generate massive residual income.


Here’s how it works ==> Every single active* member is qualified
to receive a rebate each month from the Breakeven Pool (“BEP”)
when they have not yet achieved the “Break Even” point that covers
the $29.95 monthly purchase.


Frank Hester and the Ownership Team are contributing $3 from every single active* member every single month (yes, taking their profit to
help you and your team) to the BEP and using those funds to provide
the rebate.


This will help those who take a little longer to refer three members
to cover their monthly advertising purchase, will lead to better
retention and, then, of course, more consistent and lucrative
matrix and income growth.


How cool is THAT?


Remember, too, that your 3×10 matrix is mathematically designed to
pay out over $88,000 a MONTH (Plus matching bonuses).


Wow, yep, totally mathematically possible!


That is why “Break Even” is SO important, the “Journey of a Thousand
Miles Starts with a Single Step”.


At Coinpressions that Single Step is to Hit Break Even and then have
your matrix team do the same thing as you journey to building
$10,000’s (or even $88,000) a month in residual income.


Get started with YOUR single step to success now and join
Coinpressions for No Cost to have a look around. (Make sure you read
the “How it Works” Page).


your link!


Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions or join us in the
Private, Secret Facebook Group after you’ve joined.


We have an active, helpful community here at Coinpressions and we
hope you will join us today.






*Active members are those members who have purchased and have an active internal subscription in place





7) Ready to Go Capture Pages – Plug in and Build Your List


SUBJECT LINE: Ready to Go Capture Pages – Plug in and Build Your List



This is REALLY Cool!


The team at Coinpressions has created a system that allows you
to Build YOUR List while introducing and promoting Coinpressions.


This system is completely set up, including autoresponder messages
and capture pages and all you have to do is to input a few simple
pieces of information and your autoresponder information and then…..
start advertising and building your list AND your Coinpressions
downline and income.


Just that simple!


And, yes, you are able to use your own autoresponder so that you are
building YOUR list which gives you complete control over introducing
your other bitcoin opportunities while the pre-written messages follow
up for you to help you with your Coinpressions conversions!


I have heard that, over time, Coinpressions will be adding more and
more capture pages so there will be many to choose from and you’ll
only need to go through the set up process once.


How Cool is THAT?


Anyway, if you have been wanting to find a simple way to build your
list then, yep, you have found it.


This is IT!


Register at Coinpressions for free now and read more about this
fantastic system and lock in your 3×10 Compensation Matrix position


your link!


You’ll be glad you did!


Thanks and we look forward to welcoming you to our advertising/income community today.




*Active members are those members who have purchased and have an active internal subscription in place





8) Matching Bonus Rewards Leaders MASSIVELY


SUBJECT LINE: Coinpressions Matching Bonuses Explodes Your Income!



This is [[uname]] and I wanted to make sure you were aware of
how powerful the Coinpressions Matching Bonus is, for all members and especially for leaders and builders.


Why is it so powerful?


Well, because you will earn a 25% matrix match on the income of all of
your direct referrals which means you can earn down past the 10th level of YOUR 3×10 matrix in Coinpressions!


Better yet, if you are active and smart you can actually have direct referrals fall below direct referrals which means you’ll earn double, triple or even more matching bonuses — even MORE income for you for each sale that occurs.


It’s really very simple and really very lucrative.


Stop chasing and building different programs over and over again.


Come home to Coinpressions and Build Once and EARN Over and Over Again!


And earn even MORE with Matching Bonuses


You’ll be glad you did!


Thanks and, yep, feel free to reach out with any questions that you might have.



P.S. You can join Coinpressions for no cost right now at this URL:
Your Link!






9) Tired of Working Alone?
— Active FB Group


SUBJECT LINE: Tired of Working Alone, Join Our Community!


Are you tired of working alone, only getting emails or FB Private
Messages when someone wants you to join THEIR Program?


Yep, frustrating, isn’t it?


Well, when you join Coinpressions you will be part of a COMMUNITY,
a group of people all working in the same direction, regardless of
whether they are in your downline or not.


Frank Hester and the Owner/Admin Team at Coinpressions is one of THE most hands on, engaged management teams I have ever come across.


They record frequent updates, are active in the Facebook Group and
are always looking for ways to improve the value proposition and income potential of Coinpressions.


Just as important is the fact that all active* members are working together to help ALL the active* members to hit the all important breakeven point.




Well, remember that Frank and the owner/admin team are contributing $3 from every purchase to the BEP (Breakeven Pool). This funds the monthly rebate program for those who are not yet at the Breakeven Point with their monthly purchase.


That means we are ALL Helping the ENTIRE Community!


Yep, it is a true COMMUNITY here at Coinpressions.


And, of course, there is the active, secret Facebook Group where we all share ideas, answer questions and offer up suggestions to help build our community.


Isn’t that the type of program that you want to be a part of?


I know it’s the kind of Community that I’m actively involved with and I
invite you to come join us today.


You’ll be glad you did.


Thanks and hope to welcome you soon!





10) Earn While You Build YOUR List
— Matrix discussion


SUBJECT LINE: Earn AND Build Your List!


This is [[uname]] again and I wanted to remind you how
POWERFUL Coinpressions is in helping you build your business,
your income AND your list.


Remember that I told you about the turnkey capture page system
and pre-written autoresponder messages that are available at


Well, while you are using those to generate prospects for
Coinpressions, you are also building YOUR List with YOUR autoresponder that you can use to promote YOUR programs.


Of course, the Coinpressions Autoresponder message series (that you
import into your autoresponder) is consistently following up to convert
your prospects to sales and even more sales leverage.


But it’s the power of the 3×10 Compensation Plan that really ROCKS, too.




Because the Compensation Matrix can absolutely EXPLODE with earnings as your team plugs into the Capture Page system to build THEIR list which creates more downline, more matrix income and more matrix match cash flow for YOU!


So, yep, you are earning, probably more and more, while you build your list!


That, seems to me, to be a fantastic combination.


Don’t you agree?


Join Coinpressions today and check out the Capture Page system and
Compensation Plan right away.


Your Link!


You’ll be glad you did!


Thanks and, yep, please reach out to me with any questions or clarifications.






11) Turn Your List Into Income by Helping Them Succeed


SUBJECT LINE: Convert Your List to Income


Is your list of prospects non-responsive?


Even if it IS responsive wouldn’t you like to get greater responsiveness
and duplication?


Sure you would, we all would, right?


Well, the key to unlocking greater participation by your list is to know
that they listen to radio station WIIFM – What’s In It For Me! (Meaning,
what’s “in it” for them)


If you can make it easy for YOUR list members to build THEIR list they
will be much more responsive to your offers, won’t they?


You Bet!


And that’s where Coinpressions can help!


With hosted capture pages and pre-written follow up letter series that you can load or import into their autoresponder, Coinpressions can help YOUR referrals to build THEIR list.


And as THEIR list grows they will become more active with the programs and opportunities that you introduce to them, right?


It’s simple, just very simple, isn’t it?


All you have to do is to introduce the Coinpressions system to your audience and POOF, you’ll:


– Create more responsiveness in your list as they build their lists using
the CP hosted capture pages, and;
– Earn in the Powerful 3×10 Compensation Matrix (up to $88,000 a month!)
– Benefit from 25% matrix match on direct referrals
– Build YOUR list even more using the CP hosted capture pages
– Gain exposure with the Coinpressions advertising credits you receive
every month


Check it out now, you’ll be glad you did (Really!):
Your Link!


Thanks and have a GREAT day!





12) The Power (and Income) of Break Even


SUBJECT LINE: The Power (and Income) of Break Even



You’ve heard me talk about the Coinpressions Break Even Pool (“BEP”), right?


But what in THE World is so exciting about merely “Breaking Even”?


Well, to earn a profit, no matter how small or large, you must first
Break Even.


And that, right there, is the MAIN reason why many other Residual Income Programs fail – people only see the short term expense, not the long term cash flow potential.


But Coinpressions has changed that with the BEP where active members get monthly rebates to help offset their cost until they are Breakeven.


PLUS…….. the CP Compensation Matrix is “Top Loaded” so that over 50% of the matrix compensation is paid on the First Level – which leads to FAST Break Even!


Frank Hester and the admin team at Coinpressions have REALLY created a system designed for High Retention, Value and Income Potential.


Isn’t it time you jumped on board and started building a Residual Income?


Just click the link below and let’s get started today.


I’m here to help, just reach out.


Let’s have some fun and make some money!