Get More Clicks On Facebook and Twitter

You’re about to discover a brand new way to get more clicks. This works on Facebook as well as twitter, and it is great for promoting affiliate products, but first, what’s wrong with a standard tweet? Well, a standard tweet, doesn’t, get many clicks because it doesn’t grab the eye.

In order to do that, you need an image. An independent study from revealed that tweets with images get 18 more clicks, 89 more likes, and 150 percent more shares, but images are not links on Facebook, and on Twitter when you click on an image it just gets bigger.

It doesn’t link to a website. So what’s? The solution with You can transform your tweet into a beautiful site preview that’s, also a link. Now, when a visitor clicks on the image it takes them directly to the website that you’re promoting you can use this system to link to any website.

It works great with ClickBank because it automatically hides your affiliate link. Now your promotion will really stand out from the crowd, get more clicks and you’ll make more money. You can start your free 7-day trial now or read on to discover more Source

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